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Choosing the Perfect Silhouette: A Guide for Every Body Type

Deciding on the perfect silhouette to fit your body type can feel a little overwhelming at times. As humans we tend to pay more attention to our flaws than the very best attributes about ourselves however when choosing a silhouette, it’s important to focus on the best parts of your figure. Spend some time in the mirror taking note of the parts of you that you really love then decide how you can best showcase those assets. Once you’ve locked in on the best parts of you you’ll want to begin learning more about the silhouettes that can make you look and feel your absolute best on your big day (and any other day for that matter!).


A-Line - A term originally coined by Christian Dior used to characterize a skirt that flares away from the body sometimes from the shoulders to the hem but generally the silhouette is fitted from the shoulders to the hips and then widening to the hem. Very similar to a princess-line. The A-line with its fitted bodice and flowy skirt tend to be an ideal gown for any body type.

Ball Gown – A silhouette that has seen many evolutions. Originating from “chitons” a tubular garment worn by Ancient Greeks some of the first ball gowns took on a shape similar to that of the empire silhouette. Over time the piece has evolved to the decadence we see today of a narrow waisted shape with a full, bell-shaped skirt supported by petticoats or hoops. The ball gown can be ideal for most body types however those with petite frames may find this silhouette a bit overwhelming.

Photo by Rjer dress on Unsplash

Empire – High-waisted, with the skirt falling from directly under the bustline which skims the body absent a large petticoat. Its goal is to elongate the body and draws attention away from hips and bellies. This silhouette can be good for brides with frames that are wider below the bust or petite intendeds.

Photo by Cate Bligh on Unsplash

Sheath/Column – Svelte, fitted straight cut shape that contours the body; no waist seam. A column gown is well suited for lean frames and athletic body types as well as those who wish to showcase their curves.

Trumpet/Fit and Flare – Quite literally this look fits through the bodice and hips then flares out about mid-thigh. If you’re torn between an A-line gown and the mermaid this cut serves as a perfect blend of the two silhouettes. The trumpet is typically ideal for brides wanting to accentuate their hourglass figure or the petite bride.

Photo by Rjer dress on Unsplash

Mermaid – The baby of the silhouettes having just emerged on the scene in the 1930s, the mermaid gown is for the bride looking to showcase her curves. Polished and sultry, this gown fits to the body from the chest to the knees, then flares just beyond the knees.

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