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The Importance of Finding the Right Designer for Your Custom Wedding Gown

Aside from your fiancé, choosing the perfect wedding dress ranks as probably the number one item brides belabor over. Let’s face it on your wedding day all eyes are on you and though you’re the star the dress is a major player in how well put together you look. So, you have a pretty clear vision of the dress you want but haven’t seen it on the racks and you’ve decided hiring a dress designer is best. Well, what should you be looking for in a bridal gown dressmaker? Most folks haven’t shopped for bridal gowns before making this uncharted territory. If that’s the case for you, here are some helpful tips that will assist you in navigating these foreign waters.

1) Budget – There is no point in entertaining a designer who just can’t meet you at your budget. Lock in your budget for your gown and then confirm with potential designers if they can work within it. This should be one of the first conversations to avoid getting excited about designs of a dressmaker you just can’t afford.

2) Customer Service – I bet no one expected that one! A designer’s ability to prioritize their clients can be key to a bride enjoying the dressmaking experience. As you talk with different designers get an understanding of their attention to detail, responsiveness and ability to meet established deadlines.

3) Style – If you have a clear vision of the gown you want your dressmaker should have a style that aligns with that vision. Talk with potential designers about your desired gown and ensure they not only understand your concept but can execute it.

Choosing a designer is not an easy task but while worth the time and research you’ll invest in finding the right person for the job. Have fun with the journey and remember this is a celebration of the love you share with your fiancé and the dressmaking experience should feel like a special part of that ride.

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